Customer Reviews

1. Hi Dr Kersey,

My husband Ross has been using the BET daily on his R lower abdomen/groin area where he has had pain since before & after his hernia operation 20 yrs ago. The pain has been eliminated & now he uses it only once a week & there continues to be no pain!



2. Last month, I started using the Biotheric E/R disc in the above manner, while also using the BET over the Biotheric E.R. disc which I placed over my heart area each time a bad memory would cross my mind. Interesting, within only a few days of my started using the E/R disc, from time to time another bad memory would pop into my mind from decades ago, with those memories being in reverse chronological order of when they occurred in time. So, I kept using the E/R disc and within less than a week, those bad memories now appear to have simply and likely permanently faded away – I have thought of none of those bad memories since.


Thank you, Dr. Kersey.

Best regards,



3. I was diagnosed with hereditary macular degeneration. My dad and his dad had it, as well as my brother. I’m 84 yrs. old now, but I noticed the first symptoms at age 75. I received special injections into the ball of each eye. I was told I’d improve, but I didn’t. The doctors eventually gave up on the shots. I use a 55 inch T.V. screen at home. I have trouble discerning male and female actors on the screen and there isn’t much color. After a about a week of starting the Biotheric discs I could sit and watch T.V. I could see much more detail, people’s faces, their eyes. My color vision has also improved. I can sit here and watch T.V. without any problem. My peripheral vision seems to be improving. Also, before when I’d be riding in the car I couldn’t read street signs when we’d come to a stop. Now I can. I can now read some T-shirts. Before I couldn’t. I’ve been using the discs for 4 weeks. I can now see the second hand on my watch without having to go outside. Also, the dark spot I would always see when I’d look at the T.V. is getting smaller and smaller. If my eyes never get any better past this point I would be satisfied.



Clarksville, IN
4. The Biotheric P.E.G. discs are great!  I use these discs anywhere on my body that I may have an ache or pain.   I have two of these Biotheric P.E.G. discs which I use with adhesive tape to adhere them to the part of my body with an issue.  At times I just sleep with them adhered to my body, and by morning the issue is either gone or greatly diminished.


I just got over a cold that started with a sore throat, so I put the P.E.G. discs over my tonsils – so the sore throat went away (I have enlarged tonsils and usually this is a problem area for me).  Then my sinus became an issue with my nose running, so I put the P.E.G. discs on either side of my nose over the upper sinus area and my nose stopped running.


These P.E.G. discs really help me.  Thank you, Dr. Kersey!


Karen W.

Clearwater, Florida