Biotheric Energy Transmitter (BET)

What is a B.E.T. (Biotheric Energy Transmitter)?






BET Interview with Dr. Kersey Part 1


BET Interview with Dr. Kersey Part 2



The B.E.T. amplifies and focuses intention. It has 2 power supplies, a regular “C” cell as well as an orgone battery. Seven specially programmed crystals read one’s intention and then adds that to the energy field as it exits the device.


The B.E.T. can be used alone, or in conjunction with any one of over 200 Biotheric Discs that have been programmed using a proprietary, computer-enhanced imprinter. In the field of energy medicine, intention is an

integral part of the healing process. The more specific and focused

an intention is, the more effective it will be. A vague

intention will many times fall short. Further, as in any system,
a power source is usually needed. A good analogy is that of
a boat crossing a river.
Let’s assume people on one side of the river require information. This could be
information on how to either prevent some health problem, or how to re-balalnce an
existing health challenge. This information could be placed in a small boat, which could
be sent across the river. However, a power source will be needed to ensure success in
reaching the bank on the other side. The intention comes first. A choice is made to bring
together the correct information. This is then delivered using a power source.
The B.E.T. “reads” an intention, whether that be in one’s mind, or stored within a
Biotheric Disc, then focuses and beams that out into the environment. It could be aimed
at a person’s biotheric field, a glass of water, etc.


Now how can the B.E.T. benefit others?

The B.E.T. can:
1. Amplify an affirmation , thus increasing the chance of success
2. Balance special energy fields known as energy gates. This can assist numerous
imbalances that could be behind aches, pains, etc.
3. Balance the flow of energy within special channels called meridians
4. Place information into various reflex zones located throughout the body
5. Place the energetic signatures of homeopathics, herbs, foods, etc. into a glass of
water, which can be consumed.

6. Align the energy flow along the spine, which many times creates a tremendous
sense of well-being. Various aches and discomforts will many times vanish
7. Injects positive energy signatures into the biofield of the body, as well as remove
toxic or non-supportive energy signatures.
8. Change the subtle-energy make-up of water
9. Untangle energy cords around various body location, thereby easing discomfort
10. Assist in removing various blocks that can effect one’s life path.
11. Assist in chakra alignment
12. Help release emotional blocks
13. Sweep and clear the biotheric field of the body.


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